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The beginning ,

This was gradual path, not like a flash of genius.

For about 4 years I attended Caprauna visiting acquaintances.
I used to come here with my camper, discovering the wonders of the place and the possibilities it offers at every visit.
In 2015, the possibility arose of buying the first two houses at an affordable price and with Davide we started to frequent the place more often,
supported by groups of friends and collaborators who have passed through this place, adding more and more sense to the possibility of living there instead of occasionally visiting it.
In 2016 after Vittoria joined the project we acquired more properties and land and we started writing the project, the cultivation of Caprauna’s white turnips and
the construction of a social network for the diffusion of the idea.
In 2017 Blu, the smallest of the project, was born, and the idea that the place to raise our children and live is more similar to Caprauna than to Milan was consolidated.

In 2018 another couple joined the path with another small girl, and a large number of people spent a few days here and shared with us the possibilities offered by this magnificent territory.
The world has noticed us and after an interview on “Italia che cambia”, requests for information and exchanges with other similar projects have multiplied.

During this period we had the support of many people, from the starred chefs of Milan who buy our turnips, to the volunteers who followed each other, who for a day, who for months,
without any support from the institutions which, despite our requests, have remained indifferent.

From 2018 we started offering dinners, yoga, theater, and other pop-up events, trying to structure a more dense calendar of events and meetings over time,
while living in the area and cultivating our food.

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