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In our project of rebirth, always active and constantly evolving, we have already recovered several comfortable accommodations for our guests.

Yesterday, places abandoned by time, today functional places that, even if equipped with modern comforts, maintain the atmosphere and charm of the past,
so as to offer our guests the opportunity to live a unique and regenerating experience.

The island is an ideal place to carve out precious breaks to devote to yourself and enjoy non-artificial relaxation,
surrounded by still intact nature with a breathtaking beauty.

The houses are located in the village, which is still partially inhabited, making “L’Isola di Capraunica” an innovative model of “diffused hotel” with centralized management.
That offers an authentic experience, the lifestyle of a rural village, which has the characteristics of a “horizontal” hotel, which cannot be seen,
This allows the “temporary resident” to live the experience of joining the village, in constant contact with its inhabitants and activities.

For reservations you can contact us directly

by mail –

by tel. – +39 347128 1124

Some of our facilities are also on Airbnb here the link to our page.


It is the main structure of our project. On the first floor there are two double rooms and a triple room, with two shared bathrooms between the bedrooms.
On the ground floor, a lounge and a large terrace overlooking the valley, to be shared with all the guests and inhabitants of the “Isola”.


A lovely two-story apartment in the center of our recovery project in the Ruora village.
On the ground floor the kitchen and a small bathroom, on the first floor the bedroom.


It is one of the first buildings recovered by our project, once the residence of the first inhabitants of the “Isola”, now a comfortable space for our guests.

A complete apartment with kitchen and living room on the ground floor and two bedrooms and a small bathroom on the first floor.
In front of the house there is a beautiful terrace overlooking the magnificent valley below.