How to reach us

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We are located in Caprauna, in the province of Cuneo. Behind us we have the mountains of Piedmont and in front the sea of Albenga.

Caprauna is a village with 5 hamlets, Case Sottane, Case mezzane, Chiazzuola, Poggio and Ruora, which extends over an area of 11.5 km2.
It is located in the terminal part of Val Pennavaire in the maritime / ligurian side of the Alps.

With the neighboring municipality of Alto, unlike all the other municipalities in the valley, it is part of the Piedmont Region and
therefore they are the only two municipalities in Piedmont that are not part of the Po Valley.

Caprauna can be reached by car from Milan in two and a half hours, Genoa in one hour and a half and it takes just half an hour to cool off in the Albenga waters.

It is possible to reach us by public transport, arriving by train to Albenga and take one of the three daily trips made by public buses.


This is the fraction where L’isola di Capra Unica located, a little borgata which was mainly abandoned before our arrival, also which becomes livelier every passing year.

Thanks to our project, other people keep coming to check this place and than decide to stay, buying and therefore occupying the estates being the new residents of this borgo.